Super Sealed with Mystery Booster - Tabletop is a Tabletop Sealed tournament with an entry fee of $40.00 and is scheduled to begin on Friday @ 04:00pm

Registration online closes on Friday @ 11:59pm


Check out this sealed event featuring six different boosters including one Mystery Booster Convention Edition booster for a three-round scheduled event! Before the event Pastimes will mail physical product to all registered players. This event will be run through Pastimes Events Discord Server ( and Players will receive a Direct Message from SpellBot on Discord at the beginning of each round containing round information, their room link, and Discord info for their opponents. All participants need to have opened their boosters and built their deck before the start of round 1.

NOTE: Pastimes can only ship physical products to addresses in the US. All Mystery Booster Convention Edition booster will be snipped open.

Event Requirements: Webcam or Cellphone with a camera and an account with Discord and SpellTable

Format: Sealed 

Product: 1 Core 2020 booster, 1 Throne of Eldraine booster, 1 Theros Beyond Death booster, 1 Ikoria booster, 1 Core 2021 booster, and 1 Mystery Booster Convention Edition booster 


Entry: $40 

Duration: 3 Rounds, 60 minutes each


All prizes are per-player. 3 Match Points for a win, 1 for a draw, and 0 for a loss.

  • 9 Match Points - 64 Pastimes Prize Tixs
  • 7-8 Match Points - 46 Pastimes Prize Tixs
  • 6 Match Points - 28 Pastimes Prize Tixs
  • 4-5 Match Points - 15 Pastimes Prize Tixs
  • 3 Match Points - 4 Pastimes Prize Tixs

Please visit for more details about prizes, redeeming prizes, and shipping information for physical prizes. Pastimes can only ship physical products to addresses in the US.

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