MTG Arena Historic - MTG Arena is a MTG Arena Historic tournament with an entry fee of $20.00 and is scheduled to begin on Thursday @ 05:00pm

Registration online closes on Thursday @ 04:50pm


Come play Historic with us at PAX Online. Players will need to build a Historic-legal deck before entering this event. This event will be run through Pastimes Events Discord Server ( and Decklists will need to be submitted prior to the beginning of the event on

Event Requirements: MTG Arena

Format: Historic

Product: A Historic-legal deck


Entry: $20

Duration: 3 rounds


All prizes are per-player. 3 Match Points for a win, 1 for a draw, and 0 for a loss.

  • 9 Match Points - 80 Pastimes Prize Tixs
  • 7-8 Match Points - 58 Pastimes Prize Tixs
  • 6 Match Points - 36 Pastimes Prize Tixs
  • 4-5 Match Points - 20 Pastimes Prize Tixs
  • 3 Match Points - 4 Pastimes Prize Tixs

Please visit for more details about prizes, redeeming prizes, and shipping information for physical prizes. Pastimes can only ship physical products to addresses in the US.

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