Privacy Policy

Our Commitment:

Our commitment to privacy is two-fold:

  1. We use the information we collect on the site to make your tournament experience as simple as possible and to enhance your overall experience. We are not in the business of selling mailing lists, or otherwise turning your name, email address, or other personal information into a profit, and we will not sell this data.
  2. We maintain the integrity of the tournaments that you register and play in, to actively work to prevent unauthorized persons from being able to use information submitted on this site in order to gain an unfair advantage from having access to said data.

What information we collect:

When you’re browsing the site

We collect general, anonymous analytics while you are browsing the site. These analytics give us general information about the kinds of devices using our site, roughly where they are from, what those devices are asking for, both page requests and any searches/queries made) and the effects of requests to our site on our server infrastructure. When logged in, no additional analytical information is retained. (note, though, that login status -- whether or not the request comes from a logged-in user -- may be included in “anonymous analytics”)

For the purposes of this document, this information is considered Non-Event Information.

When you register for an event

We collect information relevant for your registration into the desired event. This information will always include your name, country, and DCI number. Some events will also ask for additional information, either at time of registration, or at a time prior to the event. This information may include:

Any credit card information is managed by our payment provider, Stripe. Stripe works via a secure payment component, embedded into the website and operating independently of our infrastructure. No payment information is ever passed through our website. (more information on how Stripe is integrated with our platform can be found at

For the purposes of this document, this information is considered Event Information.

Some events will also either require or ask for additional permissions to use Event Information for purposes beyond those mentioned in this page. Those purposes will be mentioned individually at time of registration. (for example, some events may optionally ask if you wish to sign up for a newsletter, or require consent to share certain information with Wizards of the Coast)

What information we use:

When you browse the site, we only collect pseudo-anonymous, generalized statistics, using services such as Google Analytics. These analytics associated with non-event information are used for understanding and improving the service.

When you register for an event, your event information, combined with tournament information, (tournament name, location, format, etc.) may be used for any of the following:

Who can access the information we collect:

Non-event information (pseudo-anonymous, generalized statistics) may be shared with third-parties for any purpose.

Event information may be shared with third-parties under certain circumstances:

Before a tournament

Before an event begins, event information is restricted only to the parties which require it specifically for needs directly-applicable to the tournament.

Example: Event coverage staff may have access to decklist data prior to the tournament, for pre-event research and preparation.

Example: Scorekeepers may have access prior to the event in order to populate tournament software with player data.

During a tournament

Immediately prior to the event, and throughout the duration of a tournament, event information is still restricted only to the parties which require it specifically for needs directly-applicable to the tournament, however please note that the number of parties increases once the event begins.

Example: Judges on appropriate teams may have access to event information for the purposes of deck checks, player lookups, etc.

After a tournament

Once a tournament concludes, anonymized event information (event information that does not include name or DCI number) may be shared with partners, unless said partner would be otherwise-able to access identifying information about a player. In these cases, we may share full event information with this partner.


Some tournaments have event coverage associated with them, and may involve additional event information being disseminated publicly, such as pairings, results, standings, and decklists. The goal for this information is to always dissminate this information publicly only at a point where it would not provide an unfair tournament advantage to one player over another. Certain tournaments may require acknowledgement or agreement to additional terms and/or conditions in order to participate.

Example: Wizards of the Coast and parties authorized through them, due to the nature of event reporting, would be able to retrieve personally-identifying information associated to an event, and may receive full event information.