Page Last Updated: June 11, 2018

Brawl is a hybrid format, half-Standard and half-Commander. The rules for Brawl are as follows:

  • Your deck must be exactly 60 cards.
  • Except for basic lands, no card may appear in your deck more than once.
  • All cards from your deck come from Standard-legal sets. (note this Brawl does not use the same banned list as Standard)
  • Before the game begins, each player moves one legendary creature or planeswalker card in their deck to the Command Zone, and is designated as their commander.
  • All mana symbols on cards in your deck must also appear on your commander.
    • This includes text boxes. If your commander has an off-color activated ability, you can play cards of that color. Likewise, if a card has a mana symbol in its text box that doesn't appear on your commander, that card cannot be played with your commander.
    • If your commander is colorless, you may choose one basic land type, and your deck may contain any number of that basic land.
  • Your commander may be cast from the command zone. Each time you cast your commander in this way, you must pay {2} for each time you've cast it this way beyond the first.
  • If your commander is countered or leaves the battlefield, you may put your commander into the command zone instead of putting it anywhere else it would go.
  • If you are playing a multiplayer game:
    • You begin the game with with 30 life instead of 20.
    • Your first mulligan is to seven cards, then one card less for each additional mulligan.
    • The starting player draws a card on their first turn.
  • If you are playing a 1v1 game, starting life total, mulligan, and card-draw rules are the same as a normal match.

Banned Cards

Card Name
Baral, Chief of Compliance
Sorcerous Spyglass
Smuggler's Copter