What are Vouchers?

Vouchers are virtual items within this website that can be applied to a user account, and can be redeemed in various ways. Some vouchers can be redeemed to register for a tournament, while others can be redeemed directly. Vouchers applied to your account have a description which give information on how to redeem them, which can be found from your My Events page.

To redeem a tournament voucher, you have two options:

  1. On the main list of tournaments, if the tournament is currently taking registrations, and you have a voucher that can be used, you will see a "Use Voucher" option for this tournament. Click on that, and confirm on the next screen that you would like to use it.
  2. From your My Events page, each voucher will display all tournaments currently accepting registrations, that the voucher can be used on. Click on the tournament on this page to go straight to the confirmation screen.

What if I have a question not answered here?

Additional resources for CFBEvents' Grand Prixs, including FAQs and contact pages, can be found at https://cfbevents.happyfox.com/.