PAX Online Vintage Champs - Magic Online is a MTGO Vintage tournament with an entry fee of $0.00 and is scheduled to begin on Sunday @ 07:00am

Registration online closes on Sunday @ 06:50am


Players with at least 3 Match Wins in a Vintage Prelim are invited to this Championship event! Players will need to build a Vintage-legal deck before entering this event. This event includes access to nearly every Magic Online card until Wednesday, September 23rd. Details for how to use these cards can be found on the Pastimes Events Discord Server (

Event Requirements: Magic Online

Format: Vintage

Product: A Vintage-legal deck

Location: The Constructed Vintage Lobby

Entry: Invite from Prelim

Size: 8-672 Players

Duration: Swiss rounds based on attendance with cut to Single Elimination Top 8


All prizes are per-player. 3 Match Points for a win, 1 for a draw, and 0 for a loss.

  • 1st: 4 Complete Sets of Zendikar Rising
  • 2nd: 864 Pastimes Prize Tixs
  • 3rd/4th: 432 Pastimes Prize Tixs
  • 5th/8th: 288 Pastimes Prize Tixs
  • 9th/16th: 144 Pastimes Prize Tixs
  • 17th/32nd: 72 Pastimes Prize Tixs
  • 33rd/64th: 4 Pastimes Prize Tixs

Please visit for more details about prizes, redeeming prizes, and shipping information for physical prizes. Pastimes can only ship physical products to addresses in the US.

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