Zendikar Flashback Draft - Magic Online is a MTGO Draft tournament with an entry fee of $20.00 and is scheduled to begin on Sunday @ 11:00am

Registration online closes on Sunday @ 10:50am


Draft Zendikar Block in a scheduled three-round event. As a scheduled event, players will be split into pods after the event starts. If the total number of entries is not divisible by 8, then some Draft pods may not have 8 players. In a scheduled Draft, each Draft pod must wait for all other Draft pods to finish drafting before deck building starts and each match in a round to finish before moving on to the next round.

Event Requirements: Magic Online

Format: Phantom Draft 

Product: 2 Zendikar Phantom boosters & 1 Worldwake Phantom booster 

Location: The Limited Premier Events Lobby 

Entry: $20 (Grants 1 PAX Online Rare Limited Token) 

Size: 8-672 Players 

Duration: 3 rounds


All prizes are per-player.

  • 3 Match Wins - 80 Pastimes Prize Tixs
  • 2 Match Wins - 36 Pastimes Prize Tixs
  • 1 Match Win - 4 Pastimes Prize Tixs

Please visit www.PastimesEvents.com/prizewall for more details about prizes, redeeming prizes, and shipping information for physical prizes. Pastimes can only ship physical products to addresses in the US.

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Zendikar Flashback Draft - Magic Online has an entry fee of $20.00 and has the following add-ons included and/or available:

PAX Online Rare Limited Token (Included)

This add-on will grant this account a PAX Online Rare Limited Token. This token can be redeemed on Magic Online for registration into any one (1) eligible tournament on Magic Online.

Once complete, the token will be available from your "My Events & Stuff" page in the top bar.