Bring a Commander deck and play a quick match. This event will be run through Pastimes Events Discord Server ( and Players will receive a Direct Message from SpellBot on Discord at the beginning of the event containing their room link, and Discord info for their opponents. All participants will be in pods of 4 or 3.

Competitive - “Serious competition” means that players will win at all costs. Expect to play fast games featuring powerful combos, counterspells, and yes—even land destruction. Mana Crypt, Laboratory Maniac, and Winter Orb are all welcome here.

Challenging - “Fair challenges” means that everyone is still here to win, but not at the cost of anyone’s good time. Most decks will build resources over time before they start swinging haymakers at the table. You will not see a lot of easy combos that win the game outright, or cards that deny players their mana, but Reveillark, Vedalken Orrery, and Grave Pact are all fair game.

Social - “Social” games are for players that want to Magic without caring too much about winning. You will see a lot of decks built with a focus on theme instead of power level.

Event Requirements: Webcam or Cellphone with a camera and an account with Discord and SpellTable

Format: Commander

Product: A Commander-legal deck


Entry: $10 

Duration: 1 Round


All prizes are per-player and per round.

  • Pod Winner - 16 Pastimes Prize Tixs
  • Everyone Else - 12 Pastimes Prize Tixs

Please visit for more details about prizes, redeeming prizes, and shipping information for physical prizes. Pastimes can only ship physical products to addresses in the US.

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Commander Pod (Social) - Tabletop has an entry fee of $10.00